What did you say?

March 13, 2008

I finally got a little sleep last night. I went up a little after 7pm,
and other than waking up about dozens of times throughout the night, I
slept great. At least I felt like I slept last night when I had to get up
this morning. It's getting harder and harder for me to get up on time.

Yesterday, the children were given a few comic books. I sent them up to
"clean their room" (wink, wink - go ahead and check out your books). All
was quiet,  for a few uninterrupted minutes, which is a rarity.

About 15 minutes later, Ryan comes downstairs and to tell me that he shouldn't
be reading THAT comic book (The Hulk) because it has CUSSES all in it.

Me: What? I thought this was a kid's comic book. Lemme see that.  Show me a Cuss!
Him: Thumbing to a page that has been creased open (like he was really
looking at it).... Here! Here it is! Look at that! There are lots of them in here, too, Mom!

I looked down, and saw a bubble with the words: "&@!*#$%*". Seriously,
that's what it said. It's not even a WORD! I couldn't help but laugh at
that. Seeing an opportunity to make sure he knew both how cool I was and
what kind of behavior I expected from him, I took the book and held it out
to him while giving him a stern look.

Me: Listen. It's ok if you read this...but I don't want to hear you SAYING any of these words...do you understand me young man?

Excited that he was being "allowed" to read books with cusses in them, he
ran out of the room before I had a chance to change my mind yelling, "Okay
Mom". He had a huge grin on his face and he surely thought he was getting
away with something big.

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