Taco Phyllo Poppers With Creamy Chobani Yogurt #DeliciousBowl

January 26, 2015

#GameDay, #DeliciousBowl, #MadeWithChobani
Taco phyllo poppers with creamy Chobani yogurt
If you're looking for a super easy Super Bowl snack that is equally delicious and beautiful, look no further - you've got to try these taco bites!  Whether you plan on having a big party or it's just you and your family, these mini tacos make the perfect treat.

It only takes about 20 minutes to brown ground beef and assemble these treats, but if you plan ahead and "feed your freezer" it takes even less time.   "Feeding your freezer" is one of my favorite time saving techniques where you do the prep work up front and freeze the results for nights when you don't have time.   For example, when I go to the big warehouse stores, I buy five pounds of ground beef at a time! When I get it home, I brown it all in a big dutch oven with onions, but no other seasonings.  After all, it doesn't take that much more time to brown five pounds of meat than it does to brown one!

Once it's all browned, I separate it into one pound vacuum seal bags and freeze it.  That gives us five flexible meals that I can whip up in less than ten minutes each!  I can use the meat for tacos, pasta with meat sauce, chili, beef and noodles, or any number of meals.  It's already cooked, so all you need to do is heat it back up and you're in business.  This technique has been a life saver for me more nights than I can count.

I know we all have nights where we don't have the time we need to fix dinner.  I'd love to hear more ideas on how other people deal with nights like that.  If you've got any tips, please let me know by responding in the comments.
#Delicious Bowl, #MadeWithChobani, #GameDay
Taco phyllo poppers with creamy Chobani yogurt

 Taco Phyllo Poppers With Creamy Chobani Yogurt #DeliciousBowl


4 packs of phyllo cups
1 pound lean ground beef
1 medium onion, chopped
1 packet taco seasoning & 3/4 cups water
- Shredded cheese
- Chopped tomato
- Jalepeno peppers
- Fresh Cilantro
- Chobani plain yogurt


1.  Cook ground beef and onion until well browned (draining if necessary).  Add taco seasoning and
    water and continue to cook until most of the water cooks off.

2.  Place phyllo cups on a large cookie sheet.  Add roughly a teaspoon of ground beef per phyllo cup.

3.  Top as desired.  I assembled these in the following order:  beef, cheese, Chobani, tomato, cilantro,
     but feel free to top with all your favorites.

For more great Chobani recipes, visit their Tumblr page or the Chobani Website.

Note:  While I was asked by Chobani to participate in their #MadeWithChobani #DeliciousBowl #GameDay campaign, this recipe as well as all opinions stated are my own. 


Kelley @ Chef Savvy said...

Looks amazing Elizabeth! Love the phyllo cups they are so easy to use.

Elizabeth Kane said...

Thank you Kelley. These were a huge hit in our "Super Bowl Test Kitchen," lol. The kids couldn't wait 'till the photos were done so they could devour them.

Leigh said...

Ummyum, nice way to enjoy yoghurt.

Pat said...

Those are so cute- perfect for a party or appetizers.

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